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What’s all the hype with PRIME?

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If you’ve stumbled through some of South Africa’s major retailers recently, or scrolled through literally any form of social media, you would have seen PRIME Hydration – the talk of the town since it was released in SA at the beginning of May.

Launched by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, PRIME has been making marketing headlines and turning heads. But how did these two YouTubers with no prior beverage experience sell their product to a point where it is competing with Coca-Cola and Powerade? How did they get us street-smart South Africans to pay R39.99 for a bottle of fancy electrolyte water?

Interested? Let’s see how they did it…


As marketing gurus, we know how crucial it is to understand your target audience! The PRIME team took the time to understand their audience and how to effectively engage with them.

  • Using bright product packaging
  • Smart use of influencers (who their audience love)
  • Brand partnerships
  • Creating viral content that used their audience to their advantage by getting them to share videos, tagging friends, and effectively getting eyeballs on their brand


PRIME collaborated with on-trend YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagrammers, allowing them to tap into their followings and generate widespread awareness and engagement. This helped PRIME to increase brand awareness, engagement, and customer interest.


KSI and Logan Paul formed valuable brand partnerships with major brands worldwide, including Arsenal Football Club from the Premier League.

This helped to position PRIME as an authentic hydration product. With the brand displayed around the stadium, PRIME gained access to a global audience of millions who follow the Premier League.



We’ve all experience a bit of FOMO at some point, and yes, some of us (we won’t say who) experienced the PRIME FOMO!

By creating limited availability of the product generated a sense of urgency among the PRIME community, which in turn pushed the “must have” aspect of the product. Making customers purchase before the discount ends or the limited supply disappears.

Where do you stand… Did you buy into the craze? 



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