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We’ve all heard the term “bigger is better”, but when it comes to influencers this isn’t always true… Nano-influencers are changing the marketing game and can have a major impact on social media campaigns (when you know how to use them).

The Express Team has dabbled in the nano, micro, and mega-influencer space, and we are excited to be launching some top-secret nano-influencer campaigns in months to come… keep a lookout on our socials!

Here is a little ‘need-to-know’ we have put together.

What the fluff is a nano-influencer?!

Simply put, they are exactly the same as an influencer but on a smaller scale, with a following of between 3000 – 10 000. They are your everyday mommy blogger who has created an influence over their followers.

Nano-influencers (unlike other influencers) are still building their “brand”, so are likely open to a trade exchange rather than asking you to blow your whole marketing budget!

Yes, you should consider them for your next campaign!

Being put into the “cost-effective and authentic” category of influencers, nano-influencers boost high engagement rates and often have good (almost personal) relationships with their followers. Which is a big plus for your brand!

Nano-influencer says buy this – Followers trust them – Followers buy/ follow brand page ­= happy brand, happy marketing team


If you are a small brand, nano-influencers are the way to go! As we mentioned, some nano-influencers are open to trade exchanges such as a weekend away at your lodge or a dinner at your restaurant free of charge. And for a small brand, that is a win!

Lower costs ­= potential to use multiple influencers instead of just one large one.


Being “small and new” to the industry, nano-influencers always do the most with their social media jobs. With some guidance and love from the marketing team, nano-influencers create truly authentic content that resonates with their niche of followers (and as marketing gurus, this is what you want!).

It’s about engagement baby!

Typically, nano-influencers have a niche and loyal following, one whom they understand and can easily “talk to”. As a result, their followers often engage with them more than they would do with a brand.

Nano-influencers, although they may have a smaller audience, are known for attracting followers who share a common interest. On the other hand, macro or mega-influencers boast massive followings, but their audiences tend to be more diverse in nature.

Have you worked with nano-influencers before? 



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